Setting the Mood

Setting the Mood

While there are those who do not need much stimulation to get physical there are others who depend on it. While we are all sexual beings, men and women respond to different types of sexual stimulation.

  • Setting the Sexual MoodMen – verbal and visual stimulation
  • Women – emotional stimulation

Most men are often turned on just by the sight of a sexy woman. A woman on the other hand needs a lot more than just a good looking man to turn her on. She needs an emotional connection with her partner to create the right mood for sex.

Why are many people sexually unsatisfied?
In many cases when you ask people why they are not having sex as much as they would like to they usually respond by saying that they don’t have the time or energy for lovemaking.

Many people have a hard time relaxing and letting go of work, children and other responsibilities at the end of the day. This causes tension and stress that doesn’t cease when the day is over.

For those women who stress out easily, try a little soothing music. When your mind is put at ease you can relax enough to thoroughly enjoy the moment as it should be enjoyed. Candles, dim lighting and a little wine can go a long way in creating a relaxing atmosphere that is especially important to women.

Take it slow – This applies to those men and women who need a little extra stimulation. You should let your partner know that you need to take it slow. A little verbal coaxing or foreplay can really make a difference.
Act out fantasies – Most men are visually stimulated. Discuss your fantasies with your partner and try out a few for fun.

Use Sexual enhancers – There are many types of sexual enhancers that can help to get you and your partner in the mood.

  • Using a sexual stimulant such as an herbal Viagra alternative is usually right on the money!
  • Massage oils enhanced with aphrodisiac ingredients can heighten the passion.
  • Sexual toys or erotic movies can add something different to the sexual experience.