Male and Female Orgasms

Male and Female Orgasms

The “orgasm” is the one great natural high both males and females can experience together. While the male orgasm is less complicated than that of the female, both sexes can enjoy orgasms at various intensities.

Types of Female Orgasms

  • Female OrgasmClitoral
  • Vaginal
  • G-spot
  • Anal

Each type of female orgasm produces a unique sensation.

The Mechanics of an Orgasm

  • Attraction – This is where males and females feel sexually attracted to each other.
  • Arousal – Men generally get aroused rather easily while females are more complicated. She needs to take it slower and really feel a connection to the man she’s with in order to become aroused.
  • Climax – While males will generally reach a climax during every sexual encounter most women won’t.

Penetration does not always ensure that a woman will reach an orgasm. Because stimulation of the clitoris is the most relied method for a female to achieve orgasm she won’t always be satisfied during sex.

Orgasm Facts

  • A man generally takes about 2 to 7 minutes to reach an orgasm.
  • A woman may take anywhere from 15 minutes and on.

Resolution – Males usually need a resting period in between orgasms while females can experience multiple orgasms.

Faking It
Although a female orgasm can be a wonderful experience many women are faking it! Why do so many women deny themselves of sexual pleasure?

  • To spare their partner’s feelings about inadequacy
  • Because they feel they are taking too long to get there

It doesn’t have to be that way. Women are giving themselves a raw deal! There are many ways a woman can get there without a huge amount of effort.

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