Emotional Reasons for Sexual Dysfunction

Emotional Reasons for Sexual Dysfunction

Men and women are usually brought up with very different views about sex. Many girls are taught that there are good women and trashy women. Boys on the other hand are encouraged to experiment and basically patted on the back for every experience they have had with sex.

Making LoveThere are many factors that affect the way people respond to sex.

  • Self image
  • Religion
  • Previous sexual experiences

Sexual difficulties might occur because you and your partner do not have a very good communication about your sexual needs. It’s not very often that two partners will be completely in sync at the beginning of a relationship. Emotional and sexual relationships are built the same way; with honesty and trust.

You cannot expect that because you are in love with someone that everything will just work itself out. Good lovemaking comes from really knowing the body and mind of the one you love.

Male Sexual Pressures
The pressure of performing and lack of relaxing during an intimate encounter can cause a man to lose his erection or not have one at all. This can be a really humiliating experience for him. He may shy away from future encounters because of a shameful experience.

He should talk about his anxieties with his partner and take it a little slower the next time around. A woman will usually be understanding and welcome the opportunity to be in the drivers’ seat.

Female Sexual Pressures
When a woman gets absorbed by the stress of everyday living her libido may suffer. Her partner’s feelings of rejection can ultimately cause sexual stress in the relationship.

She should talk about what she needs from her partner and ensure him that her lack of sexual desire is not personal. Men can be very understanding when they understand where a woman is coming from.

Mood Enhancers
Creating the mood is especially important when there are emotional barriers keeping you from sexual pleasure.

Dim lighting, sexual toys, music, and the occasional use of either an aphrodisiac based massage oil or herbal stimulant can really make the difference.

Sex Therapy
If everything you’ve tried has failed it is time to seek therapy. A good sex therapist can walk you through whatever is causing you to hold back during lovemaking.

Support Groups
There are support groups that encourage discussion about emotional sexual barriers. Many people do better when they feel they are not alone and can lean on other members for emotional support when necessary.