Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction

If you are among the many men and women who struggle with impotence, the lack of sexual desire or any other type of sexual dysfunction you need to know about the many treatment options available.

My Experiences
Sexual DysfunctionThis site was inspired by my own experience with FSD (female sexual dysfunction). I struggled for years with a lack of sexual desire that put a strain on my marriage until it finally dissolved. I knew I had a problem that wasn’t going to get better unless I dealt with it. With the help of a sexual therapist I learned a lot about my type of sexual dysfunction and found a solution that has really helped me get back what I had lost.

Being a researcher by profession I began to dig a little for more information into sexual problems and learned everything I could about the subject.  I can sympathize with the number of people who don’t know that sexual problems can be successfully resolved.

I created this site as a way to raise the awareness about male and female sexual dysfunction. It’s time to come out of the dark about sexual dysfunction, understand why you have been affected and learn what resources can be helpful for your own situation.

Sexual Dysfunction Leads To Relationship Dissatisfaction

You may be suffering from sexual dysfunction if you are unable to experience sexual arousal or having difficulties achieving sexual satisfaction. It is a serious problem that can adversely affect your relationship and negatively impact your overall quality of life. This is why taking sex enhancement supplements like Male Ultracore is extremely beneficial for men with sexual dysfunction. This supplement will help you to increase your stamina and increase your sexual desire. Get to know the male ultracore side effects and how to use male ultracore. Get the best out of this sex pill by reading 2019 male ultracore reviews.

Sexual dysfunction is generally classified into four major categories:

  1. Desire disorders. Read a male ultracore review to see which testosterone booster works for you. If your testosterone levels are low, you may suffer from a reduced libido and a lack of interest in sex.
  2. Arousal disorders. Male Ultracore reviews are the best way to figure out if male ultracore is right for you. Erectile dysfunction is the most common arousal disorder in men. This means that you’re having difficulties initiating, achieving, or maintaining erections.
  3. Orgasm disorders. Not being able to orgasm can turn pleasurable sex into an unsatisfactory experience.
  4. Pain disorders. If you’re experiencing pain in your genitals while you’re having sex, not only does it make sex uncomfortable, but it may also make you want to avoid having sex altogether.

Whether it’s you or your partner who’s struggling with sexual dysfunction, your relationship will most likely suffer. A recent study, for instance, showed that female arousal and orgasm dysfunction can contribute to marital dissatisfaction. Previous studies have also shown that erectile dysfunction is strongly associated with poor relationship satisfaction.

You will learn

  • What it means to have sexual difficulties
  • Who is affected
  • Why it happens
  • What treatment options are available

We will explore both male and female treatment options including types of medical surgeries as well as Viagra and herbal Viagra alternatives.

Shame and embarrassment are feelings that can cause relationships to break up and even cause people to avoid relationships altogether. Those who face the problems associated with sexual dysfunction usually do so in silence. This can lead to loss of confidence and depression.


  • Hormonal changes
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Stress
  • Social
  • Medical conditions
  • Age
  • Lifestyle

We live in an age where people who suffer from sexual difficulties do not have to accept a life without love and intimacy. We have the means to deal with the physical and psychological problems associated with sexual dysfunction.

women's sexual dysfunction

Female Symptoms
Difficulty in being aroused
Lack of lubrication
Pain during sex
Difficulty reaching orgasm




male sexual dysfunctionMale Symptoms
Difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection
Ejaculating too rapidly
Low sexual desire




Sexual difficulties can be physically or psychologically related.

Psychological Reasons – Sexual dysfunction may be a temporary or permanent problem that may require therapy and/or medication.

Physical problems – can be treated with surgery or remedied by using male enhancement supplements.

There are many ways to treat sexual problems. We will explore everything there is to know about sexual dysfunction, the breakthroughs in medical research and what steps to take when you are facing this problem.

Sexual Dysfunction

Often viewed as recurring problems with sexual desire, orgasm, response or sexual pain which affects relationship with your partner are medically known as sexual dysfunction.
Women may experience sexual dysfunction randomly as it can occur at any time during their lives. It may occur on some or all sexual experiences.
Some factors that involved in sexual response are identified as: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual influence. Once any of these components are interrupted, women may experience sexual dysfunction.